Freiburg non-commercial inter-net exchange

Like our colleagues at DE-CIX, we at FreiȻIX offer direct access to the most relevant, up-to-date, bleeding edge technologies in terms of LAN, MAN and WAN connectivity.

In contrast to DE-CIX’ efforts, we do non-commercial connectivity only (hence the slashed C for commercial in our name). No money, no SLAs, only free flow of data – and fun!

We’re open to a broad range of networking technologies - we trust in building a network of networks, an inter-net, not a samesameeverywherenet.

Connect your line to our backbone and peer freely with all attached nets, using either …

NameProtocolsraw speed
connectorconnect to ...
RS232Login0.01 Livingston Portmaster
ISDNX.75 0.064 8P8CUSR Courier-I, ZyXEL Elite 2864ID, AVM C2, Cisco WIC
Modem V.21, V.32, V.32bis, V.32terbo0.019 6P4CTKR Terboline, USR Courier HST
Modem V.32terbo, V.34, V.920.0566P4CUSR Courier Dual Standard, ZyXEL Elite 2864ID
Modem PEP, TurboPEP0.023 6P4CTelebit WorldBlazer
HSSIIP 2 50pin HDCisco 4000 router series
ADSL2+ADSL, IP16 CentronicsZyXEL IES-612-51 DSLAM
FDDIIP 100 SCCisco FDDI workgroup hub
ATMIP 155 SCCisco 7513
LocalTalkIP-in-AppleTalk (MacIP)0.23 MiniDIN3Apple Macintosh gateway
FlashTalkAppleTalk0.77 MiniDIN3Apple Macintosh gateway
AirTalkAppleTalk over UDP0.23 WiFiApple Macintosh gateway
HomePNA 1IP12-wire / damp clothes lineAllnet ALL0188LD
10BASE-T1LEthernet, IP102-wire / damp clothes lineARM router/Linux (avl. soon), FibreCode FC621
10BASE2 Ethernet, IP, AppleTalk 10 BNC coaxCisco 3000 router series
10BASE-FLEthernet, IP, AppleTalk10 ST fibreCisco Catalyst 6509
Econet 0.8DIN-5Acorn Archimedes 5000
BasebandNetBEUI/NetBIOS2 8P8CIBM PS/2 85, PC-DOS 3.30
ArcnetIP2.5 Coax
TokenRingIP12 SubD 3W3Apollo DN3500
TokenRingNetBEUI/NetBIOS, AppleTalk4 SubD 9IBM 8228, Cisco 4500M router series
TokenRingNetBEUI/NetBIOS16 8P8CIBM 8228, Cisco 3661
TokenRingIP100 8P8Cnot ready, missing backbone
TC100NetBEUI, IP100 ST fibre
VG AnyLANNetBEUI, IP100 CAT 3, Linux gateway
10GEEthernet, IP10000SFP+Cisco Catalysts 6504-E, 6509-E; Quanta LB6M, QNAP 1208C, SFP+
25GEEthernet, IP25000SFP+Linux routing
40GEEthernet, IP40000QSFP28Linux routing
50GEEthernet, IP50000QSFP28Linux routing
56GEEthernet, IP56000QSFP28Linux routing
100GOmni-Path, IP100000QSFP28Linux routing
IB 10InfiniBand, IP10000CX4Mellanox IB switch
IB 20InfiniBand, IP20000CX4Mellanox IB switch
IB 40InfiniBand, IP40000QSFPMellanox IB switch

Our current upstream provider is Deutsche Telekom with an unfortunately asymmetrical 1000/200 MBit/s fibre line.

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Götz Hoffart, Freiburg‬